Dance Classes


Freestyle dance classes are not restricted to a particular dance style and I incorporate many different styles into the the routines I teach. I am particularly interested in street dance and therefore much of what we learn is based on this, but there are many other elements introduced for good measure. I believe in trying to make dance accessible and fun. There is no need to have any dance experience to attend my classes and all classes will have mixed ability.

Here is a list of my current classes:


Childrens freestyle dance (age 4- 7)      5.00 - 5.40pm     £20 per term

Childrens freestyle dance (age 8 plus)   5.40 - 6.20pm     £20 per term

St. Martins Centre, St. Martins Church St, Salisbury, SP1 2HY

Please contact Sue Logan for further details using the contact form.

Location of dance classes

Dance classes are currently held St. Martins Centre, St. Martins Church St, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 2HY.