Dance For Schools

Dance In Schools

Dance lessons as part of the curriculum:

These are bespoke lessons created to suit the topic being studied and the abilities of the children. When creating lesson plans, I like to meet with the class teacher. This gives me the opportunity to find out more about the school and the children being taught, and therefore ensure the lessons are planned to the highest standard.

I believe in encouraging children to be creative and not restricted to a particular style of dance. A large amount of lesson time is devoted to encouraging children to come up with ideas, and helping them to put them together to make a dance.

A typical lesson would include a warm up, introduction to what we will be working on, children working on choreography and sharing of ideas.

After school clubs:

These are primarily a keep fit class, during which children will be taught routines incorporating a variety of dance styles. The children will have the opportunity to incorporate their own ideas within the routine being taught.

The after school clubs can be tailored to suit the needs of the school. They are generally offered for either key stage 1 or 2 and have a maximum class size of 30.

Prices for schools:

Please contact me with your requirements and I will come back to you with a price. I aim to be competive whilst offering a first rate service.